A Big “Thank You” from all of us!

So now we are coming towards the end of April and donations of both clothes and money have been coming in thick and fast since the earthquake last year.

Obviously the aftermath of the earthquakes will last for a very long time and we take the opportunity of thanking all our customers and friends for their continuing support.

The money that we are sending directly to Nepal is going towards the re-building of schools which were devastated in the earthquake.  This will be an ongoing project for some while yet.

We, as a company whose employees are mostly Nepalese, ensure that 100% of the money and other donations are sent out to Nepal.

From Gorkha, Nepal has come this recent message:

“Many thanks to the Nepalese Ladies Community Tonbridge, Gurkha Cleaning and Laundry Company and the Nepalese Community in Tonbridge and Pleven Medical University for giving me and my team a wonderful opportunity to help our fellow country people who are suffering due to the recent earthquakes.”