Nepal Earthquake Collections

Among the welcome mountain of donations!

We have all been affected by the terrible earthquake in Nepal and our customers have been amazing in their generosity in donating clothes, blankets etc., for distribution in Nepal.

We are still collecting clothes.

Meantime, we would like to thank the Sevenoaks Chronicle for a recent article which gave detail of the work we have been carrying out to help in the relief work.

We should like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their immense fund raising efforts and everyone who has made donations.

So far we have sent some medication, sleeping bags and blankets to Nepal with our Nepali friends’ daughter, Reina, who has flown out with a team of 20 medical staff recently.  They had some extra kilos free between them which we utilised.  We have sent another bucket-load of clothes, sleeping bags and blankets with one of our staff’s daughters, together with passing on a good deal of sleeping bags and blankets to the Ashford (Kent) Nepali Association to send out.  We are currently arranging a further shipment very shortly, so it is all hands to the tiller, as it were!

Reina has identified a village outside of Kathmandu which has been devastated (Gorkha District No. 1).  The houses have all gone so we have recently sent out a shared donation with the Tonbridge Nepali Ladies Committee approximately £4,873.00 to the Village Development Committee in Nepal who are also family members of local Tonbridge and Sevenoaks Nepali families.  This has purchased basic rations of rice, oil and salt.

We are in a good position with our network of family members in Nepal to ensure everything, all the money and items, go directly to people on the ground.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped and is continuing to help the people of Nepal at this difficult time.  As you will know, a second earthquake occurred bringing down houses that were in a precarious situation from the first quake.  Needless to say the work will carry on to get aid to these areas as often as we can.